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The dirt bike tire mounting tool includes the handle, pushrod, bracket, 20mm, 15mm, 17mm axle shafts and a 25mm sleeve. The axle shafts are designed to screw directly into the bracket. The 25mm sleeve is meant to fit over the original 20mm axle shaft. The Ultimate Kit works with 16-to-21-inch tires that have 15mm to 28mm axles. The Ultimate Kit comes with a variety of axles to match both your front and rear tire sizes. Our Baja No Pinch Mini Bike Kit can also be purchased separately.

You will receive the following items in this package:

(1) Baja No Pinch Tire Tool with 20 mm axle shaft (Red Bracket, Bolts, Screws, Pushrod and Handle)

(1) 25 mm Aluminum Sleeve – Purple Anodized

(1) 17 mm Aluminum Axle Shaft – Gold Anodized

(1) 15 mm Aluminum Axle Shaft – Green Anodized

    • NO MORE PINCHED TUBES! – The powerful rack and pinion system pushes the tire over the rim, eliminating the chance of a pinched inner tube during installation.
    • QUICK AND EASY – The Baja No Pinch tire tool is designed to simplify the installation of your dirt bike tires. Our favorite customer is a ten-year-old boy who uses the minibike kit to install his own tire on the trail!
    • TRAIL FRIENDLY – Don’t get stuck on the trail. Our tool weighs less than 2.5 pounds and breaks down into a few parts (the longest part being 12 inches) and it can easily roll into your trail bag or fanny pack.
    • AMERICAN GRADE QUALITY – Designed in Southern California, we use aircraft grade aluminum alloy and black oxide treated steel. We CNC machine our axles and sleeves here in the USA. That means your products ship faster and our American Customer Service team is only a message away. We also have a strong social media community; thousands of satisfied and experienced riders are only a click away.
    • BUILT TO LAST – We know these tools are going off-roading with you on tough terrain, we build them tough to match. We manufacture our tools with the highest quality aircraft materials to ensure that our tools will be a lifetime investment when used properly.

Baja No Pinch